wxKonTEXT V0.3
Text editor, written in PYTHON, provides sintax highlighting for PHP, C, C++, ASP, PYTHON, HTML,SQL, Action Script (By andr3a), released under the GPL license (that means totally FREE !).
  • Custom defined syntax highlighter
  • Automatic backup for all opened file
  • Code fold
  • Drag & drop inside the editor
  • Print
  • Tab width setting
  • Tab to spaces
  • Wordwrap
  • Indentation view
  • Font selection
  • RGB to Hexadecimal color conversion
  • HTML special chars escaping
  • Words count
  • Multilanguage support
  • Export code in HTML

Show source of the software!!

screenshot linux screenshot winzozz

screenshot Macosx

Installer for windows (2.8 MB)
Source tar.gz (321 KB)

For linux
Untar downloaded file and execute the file wxKonTEXT.pt.
wxKonTEXT for linux needed this software in your system:
  • Python >=2.2
  • wxPython >=2.4

For spanish language unzip this jar and copy the files (no readme.txt) into the language directory. (thanks to NqH)

For bug or if you want collaborate with translation or code write to me